brand-i is a collective of business analysts, designers, bloggers, and avid fans/customers of the brands we love. Our focus is to dive into the details and provide a full reporting on the branding and marketing efforts of companies around the world.

A Brief History

As the technology boom was taking place, we started hearing about companies we have never heard of. We found ourselves looking for some sort of proof that these companies were legit before we started purchasing products from their websites. 

Before we became a team, we were friends. And each of us was working on a career in writing, or design, or business. When we would get together, we almost always ended up on the subject of business: who was an up-and-comer, who needed to rethink their logo, and who we thought would succeed. The question still came to mind: is there anything out there that can vouch for these new brands?

And then it hit us. We were the solution.

The process was quick. We put together a website with the help of our designer and started analyzing some of our favorite brands that nobody has heard of! With your help, we can give the next generation of up-and-comers a chance to shine in the limelight.